Hillsong London - Lord Of All


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Lord Of All
Shout praises to the holy One
God makes us strong we'll see His will be done
From the highest place He came to save us
We stand in the power of His name
Salvation's work in our lives proclaim
Living from the kingdom of hope within us.

Shine your light, be that city of light.

We're gonna shout out loud, its time to let it out
It's your life in me for all to see.
'Cause our God reigns always till the end of days
We're gonna stand strong, stand tall
'Cause Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

God colors flowing through my life
I'm not the same now my heart desires
To see the whole world come to know You

I'll shine my light, be that city of light

Shout, shout we're gonna let it out
Shout, shout we're gonna let it out
shout, shout we're gonna shout Jesus is Lord.
Dios de Todo
Grito alabanzas al Señor
Dios nos hace fuerte en su voluntad
del cielo vino para salvarnos
estoy en pie por su poder
la salvacion proclamare
con esperanza dentro de mi
voy a brillar,en todo lugar
Vamos a gritar,es tiempo de brillar
es tu vida en mi y puedan ver
que Dios reinara siempre hasta el final
firme estare porque
de todo eres Señor,Dios
Verso 2:
Dios fluye atravez de mi
ahora ya no soy mas igual
el mundo conocera tu nombre
voy a brillar,en todo lugar
vamos,vamos a proclamar( levantar o Gritar)
vamos,vamos a proclamar(levantar o Gritar)
vamos,proclamar que Cristo es Dios

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